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About Evolving Spaces

Melissa Ahmann Ringkamp Owner biography

Drawing from a strong creative and professional business background and with a degree from Parsons School of Design NYC, Melissa Ahmann Ringkamp created Evolving Spaces under the premise that no matter how large or small and no matter your budget, any space can be beautiful and maximize its full potential. ESI was truly formed to showcase Melissa’s love for interior design in any setting.

Melissa is the former proprietor of well known and successful l.a. vie l’orange spa. Melissa’s distinct creativity together with her unique style has been recognized in publications such as O Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, In Style, Vogue, Travel & leisure, Allure, W Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.

Melissa offers an approach that brings top quality results without spending top dollar and understands how to transform and optimize any residential or commercial space while staying in budget. Melissa simply has a love for creating beautiful spaces and taking great thought and care with every detail.